Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Earn Points for Dining with Us

Question: What’s better than an exceptional meal at Heritage India?

Answer: Rewards points for dining.

Introducing Belly, our new partner that will reward you for your excellent taste in Indian fine dining. Create a Belly account, scan in on the Belly iPad every time you come to Heritage India and accumulate points towards delicious rewards.

Each visit earns you five points. After just two meals, you’ve earned a free nan or butter nan!

Here’s what else is in store for you:

10 points: Nan or butter nan
15: Mango lassi
20: Onion bhajji or papri chaat appetizer
25: Batata chili fry appetizer
30: Indian rice pudding dessert
35: 15% off a vegetarian side order
40: Glass of house wine
45: Bottle of house sparkling wine
50: One complementary entree
55: 25% off your check
60: Round of domestic beer for the table (up to four people)
65: Bottle of house wine
70: One dessert per person (up to four people)
75: 50% off the second entree and the third free for parties of four or more
80: 50% off your check for parties of two

Our sister restaurant, Heritage Asia Thai Bistro, is also part of the Belly program, so we encourage you to enroll in both to take full advantage of the rewards. Heritage Asia rewards include:

10: Thai iced tea or Thai iced coffee
15: Spring rolls
20: Honey fried banana dessert
25: Starter portion of salad
30: Rice or noodle entree
35: Buy two appetizers, take 50% off the second
40: Glass of house wine
45: 15% off your check for parties of two
50: Bottle of house sparkling wine

Visit to learn more. To create an account and start earning rewards, activate a Bellycard at Heritage India or download the smartphone app.

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