Saturday, October 22, 2011

Specials for the Week of Oct. 22-29

Here are the weekly specials at Heritage India Georgetown.

Bartenders Specials

Autumn Delight
Scotch topped with apple cider and fresh cinnamon

Chicken lettuce cup


Chicken Lettuce Cup

Spiced chicken tikka topped with raw mango and red onions in a lettuce cup, served with a spicy cilantro-tomato and jalapeño chutney.


Kadhai Chicken / Paneer
Boneless strips of chicken with chili peppers, tomato and freshly ground spices. Kadhai literally means Indian wok. Because the method is similar to stirfry, these dishes are quick, nutritious and full of aroma. Also available as vegetarian Kadhai Paneer (farmers cheese).


Ginger Honey Naan
Naan filled with fresh ginger steeped in honey, baked fresh in the Tandoori oven

Special Teas

Green iced tea
tea: Hot cinnamon tea infused with cinnamon extract

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