Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Live from Dupont Circle: Desi-Style Burgers for Happy Hour

During happy hour at Dupont Circle, you can enjoy our exclusive menu of Desi-style burgers. What might have been called “pav cutless,” literally meaning bread and cutlets, takes the shape of some Asian burger options:

Sag Paneer Burger
Spiced spinach and cottage cheese patties

Garam Masala Chicken Burger

Cilantro and onion minced chicken burger with freshly ground garam masala spices

Aloo Patties
Tamarind and jalapeño flavored potato burgers

Lamb Burger
Lamb minced burgers flavored with mango chutney

Add fries for $2 and pair with the drink specials described in the post above. Then just add friends for the perfect happy hour!

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  1. Great places. Any idea regarding opening hours. I just went Lamb burger when I was there for official tour.