Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Street Food Spotlight: Dahi Bhalle

Dahi bhalle is a sweet and savory starter enjoyed by guests at both Heritage India locations. A popular Indian street food, dahi bhalle is made with savory balls of lentils smothered in fresh yogurt, sprinkled with spices and liberally doused with tamarind chutney.

It has many names throughout India. It’s called dahi bhalle in the north and dahi vada in the south and west. In the east, it’s known as doi bora or dahi bora.

Our Heritage India guests have one name for it: delicious. Once you get to know dahi bhalle, you’ll surely love the dish as well. Sometimes guests are surprised to find the yogurt sauce upon ordering it for the first time. So, here’s what it looks like in all its savory, chewy, tangy, creamy glory. As for its taste, you’ll have to discover it for yourself on your next visit to Heritage India. We look forward to sharing this multi-layered, flavorful dish with you and broadening your repertoire of Heritage India favorites.

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