Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Phone Voice, Live and in Person

A dedicated fan -- Leslie Morgan Steiner

At the Georgetown restaurant, we were thrilled to meet the person behind a familiar voice. We talk – sometimes weekly (or more) – to regular guests like Leslie Morgan Steiner to take their orders over the phone. We go for months or years with just a friendly phone rapport before we see the face behind the voice.

Mrs. Steiner came into our dining room this weekend and, happily, she introduced herself to us. We learned that her favorite dishes are Murgh Tikka Masala and Sag Paneer. Having ordered from us once or twice a week for the past four years, she told us she came to regard the delivery driver as her “second husband!” Call it what you will, we’re delighted to sustain this foodie relationship. Wonderful to meet you!

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