Monday, February 6, 2012

New Menus Coming. What Should Stay? What Should be Added? Vote for Your Favorites

Heritage India is finalizing our new menus and we want to hear from you. We’re revising both the Dupont Circle and Georgetown menus.

Of course, the Chicken Tikka Masala, Sag Paneer and other classics are here to stay. What else do you fancy?

Tell us which dishes we must keep and what we should add to the menus. State your preferences in the comments or email us directly at


  1. Please keep all the food on the Happy Hour menu. It's very good and the price can't be beat.

  2. Please keep:
    Palak Makai
    Creamy spinach and corn in fresh herbs.

  3. Please keep the yellow curry and all the naan bread!

  4. Thanks to those who shared your comments here. Please keep posting your favorites! We love hearing about your can't-live-without dishes.

    Here are some other comments emailed directly to us:

    We love the lamb vindaloo and the rara gosht and order it from the Georgetown location a couple times a month (only slightly embarrassing). We would be very sad if they left the menu! I assume these are staples but we also love the saffron rice and garlic naan.

    Please keep the Jingha Pepper Masala. It's the only dish I've ever ordered, and I've been coming there for 10 years!

    Please, please keep the Dum Ka Murgh and Murgh Makani!! The Palak Makai is also one of our top favorites. Aloo Tak from the appetizers is amazing. We have many others that we love, but these are the ones we couldn't live without.

    Would like to see chicken tikka appetizer on the delivery menu for dupont circle location.

    Keep the pani puri (golgappa). It’s the reason my son LOVES your restaurant.

    Please keep the rara gosht and lamb vindaloo. We love your restaurant!

    I hope Saag Gosht is staying. Half size portions would be very welcome on the delivery menu so those at home can sample/share multiple dishes. How about a raita sampler. LOVE your food and the fast delivery - thanks!

    paneer tikka masala from the georgetown restaurant.

    Please keep all the food on the Happy Hour menu. It's very good and the price can't be beat.

    Please keep Palak Makai

  5. Please keep the garlic naan bread, samosas, tandoori chicken, murgh makhani, and coorgi murgh!