Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bread and Spice are Nice

Heritage India Staples Among 2012 Dining Trends


Open Table has forecast the Top Dining Trends for 2012. Trends #2 and #3 speak to the heart and soul of Heritage India:
2. Bread is back
3. Almost everyone likes it hot

#3 refers to spicy food. Yes, indeed, we have some expertise in that area. And, breads? Oh, yeah.

The world-famous Indian nan is crave-worthy, soul-satisfying comfort food at its best. We bake our nan in the traditional Tandoori oven until it reaches the perfect blend of crusty and chewy.

Plain and garlic are our most popular nans. Did you know we also make a variation called kulcha, stuffed with onion, cheese or minced lamb? Other options include a vegan wheat roti bread, a layered bread with butter (lacha parantha), a layered whole wheat bread with fresh mint (pudina parantha), a Peshawari nan with raisins and almonds and layered potato bread (aloo parantha).

Are you imagining that magical feeling in your mouth as you chew on a blissfully warm nan? We don’t blame you.

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