Saturday, December 10, 2011

Specials for the Week of Dec. 10-17

Here are the weekly specials at Heritage India Georgetown.

Bartenders Specials

Hennessy Ginger
This cool yet warming quencher is a mix of Hennessy cognac, fresh ginger, simple syrup and a splash of ginger ale.


Chicken Samosa
A triangular savory pastry filled with spiced minced chicken.


Reshmi Palak Kabab
Chicken and spinach kebab grilled in the tandoori oven and served with mint yogurt sauce and a small side of house special black lentils.

Vegetable Vindaloo
A traditional curry from Goa, vindaloo is renowned for its fiery heat and spice.

Special Teas

Cranberry iced tea
Hot oolong tea
- originally a Chinese tea and sometimes also referred to as the black dragon tea, oolong has a wonderful woody aroma. Best drunk without milk and with a dash of honey.

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