Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life

For Appetizer Variety ...

aloo tikki


Almost everyone likes samosas, India’s best known street food.

For a variation on the theme, consider aloo tikki. These pear-shaped cakes are made with a spicy potato filling similar to samosas. They are served with curried chickpeas (chana masala) topped with yogurt and tamarind chutney.

Though not indigenous to India, calamari is another appetizer that Heritage India guests often order. We sauté this American favorite with tomatoes, coconut and lemon to infuse it with Indian flavors.

For Entrée Variety ...

If you like vegetarian tomato curries, you’ve probably ordered paneer makhani, fresh cottage cheese in a smooth tomato sauce. (Hint: it’s not printed on the menu at Heritage India Dupont Circle, but it is available by request.)

makhmali kofta

Guests at our Georgetown restaurant can try makhmali kofta for variety. Described as vegetable dumplings in a velvety tomato sauce, the dish is made with potatoes, cheese and raisins formed into balls. (This makes us trendy in a solidly traditional way. Our classic ball-shaped foods click with Zagat’s assessment of 2011 dining trends.)

For non-vegetarian entrées, most curries can mix and match with most meats. Pair chicken with the curried spinach sauce in sag gosht. Opt for chicken korma instead of lamb. Make it a shrimp tikka masala or a chicken vindaloo. Instead of Goa fish curry, order it with prawns. Let your taste buds guide you to a new flavor combination.

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