Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trendy and Traditional

Zagat has posted a look back at the DC dining trends of 2011.

Its first observation is that DC is “still flippin’ over burgers.” Omnivores will delight in these must-try beef burgers popular with everyone from First Lady Michelle Obama on down. At Heritage India Dupont Circle, we’re into burgers, too. Our bar offers a special menu of desi-style burgers ranging from vegetarian creations to chicken and lamb burgers. Just add fries and friends for the perfect happy hour.

Dahi bhalle lentil balls are trendy

Then there’s the “having a ball” trend, as identified by Zagat. The Heritage India menu features several ball-shaped foods, such as dahi bhalle, pictured above. This appetizer-sized small plate is made with lentil balls smothered in yogurt sauce. At our Georgetown restaurant, you’ll find an entrée curry called makhmali kofta, balls of cheese, potato and raisins in a sweet creamy tomato sauce.

We’re unabashedly traditional in our approach to cooking, but apparently we’re of-the-moment as well. Trendy meets traditional on the Heritage India dinner plate. Who knew?

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