Friday, December 2, 2011

New House Special Lassis and More

Heritage India Dupont Circle introduces a new menu of lassis, teas and non-alcoholic cocktails.

House Special Lassis
Lassi is a traditional chilled beverage from India which is made with yogurt or buttermilk and an assortment of flavorings. This drink is a popular accompaniment to spicy Indian food.

Sweet or salted
Fresh mint
Mango lassi
Pineapple/strawberry or blueberry

House Special Teas

Masala chai
An Indian tea spiced with roasted and ground cardamom, fennel, cinnamon and bay leaf

Green tea
Lavender green tea
Jasmine tea
Honey-pear tea
Sweet orange tea
Mango-peach white tea
Lemon-ginger tea (caffeine-free)
Peppermint tea (caffeine-free)

Water, Juices and Iced Teas

San Pellegrino sparkling water
Panna still water
Cranberry, orange or mango juice
Regular iced tea
Mango iced tea
Pomegranate iced tea
Green iced tea
Orange-lemon iced tea
Orange-strawberry iced tea

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Masala Bloody Mary
Tomato juice, lemon juice and tamarind pulp spiced with rock salt and Worcestershire sauce

Coffee Crush
Shot of espresso, chocolate syrup, milk and simple syrup, blended and dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar

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