Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day on the Dinner Plate

Happy Earth Day, friends.

The most appropriate foods would be green, right? Spinach curry fits the bill perfectly. Sag paneer probably comes to mind. But, wait, there’s more! On our new Georgetown menu, spinach curry is served with your choice of chicken, lamb, shrimp or paneer. See the details in the Curried Specialties section.

Lemon rice
Pair your Earth Day spinach with sunny lemon rice. This vibrant yellow-hued rice glows with turmeric, curry leaves, peanuts and lemon juice. Go green in the bread department, too. Choose from a kulcha stuffed with spinach or a laccha parantha topped with cool mint.

The sunshiney yellow and earthy green carries over into dessert, too. Our traditional Indian ice cream, kulfi, is yellow from saffron and earthy green from pistachios.

If you need to have your Earth Day dinner earlier and faster, you can order a sag paneer burger during happy hour at our Dupont Circle restaurant, accompanied by an appropriately green cocktail, natch.

Sag paneer burger

Here’s to a tastefully green – and sunny – Earth Day.

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